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What is the GAMSAT?

Section I

Reasoning in the Humanities and Social Sciences

75 multiple choice questions

100 minutes

Poems, excerpts from plays, passages, cartoons, tables

Understand, interpret, judge, relate

This section is fast paced, requires the ability to rapidly read and interpret a variety of genres, to reason and think critically about unfamiliar stimuli

To excel you will need mental fitness, a step by step approach (A MediRed Strategic Advantage!) and lots of practice!

Section III

Reasoning in the Biological and Physical Sciences

110 multiple choice questions

170 minutes

Physics, Chemistry and Biology


Analyse/ Interpret/ Compare/Calculate/ Estimate/ Extrapolate

ACER doubles the mark of Section III in calculation of your Overall Result

This section requires a level of background science knowledge, mental fitness and the ability to quickly interpret and manipulate scientific information in a way that is unique to the GAMSAT

You need to develop a way of thinking that takes you beyond scientific knowledge to scientific understanding, the GAMSAT way (another MediRed Strategic Advantage).


Multiple Choice strategy can further improve your competitive edge (yes we have a strategy for this too!)

Section II


Written Communication

2 essays

60 minutes

Assessed according to both thought/content and organisation/expression

Part A essay is "Expository and argumentative"

Part B essay is "Reflective and discursive"

This section required the ability to produce two interesting, well structured essays under time pressure

You need rapid generation of interesting ideas (MediRed Strategic Advantage!), an essay structure that allows you to write mature and intelligent essays under pressure (yes, we have a strategy for this too!) and lots of essay writing practice!

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