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Developing better GAMSAT preparation courses every day has been MediRed's philosophy for over 15 years.

This is why MediRed leads the industry today in performance, innovation and GAMSAT success.

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Complete GAMSAT Preparation Package

Comprehensive coverage of ALL 3 sections of the GAMSAT


500+ GAMSAT questions with extended answers



Easy-to-use method for approaching any comprehension         question

Proven essay writing model

Targeted science topics that occur repeatedly in the GAMSAT

Simple ways to think about difficult concepts- A MediRed Strategic Advantage


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  • Eco Digital book
  • Access full content on any device in just 2 mins
  • Mobile learning for the real world
  • Start studying NOW!
MediRed has made a conscious ethical commitment to protect the sustainability
of the environment  and reduce CO2
emissions by going paperless. This has allowed us to reduce the cost to you whilst maintaining our high level of quality.

Expanding your future

Industry leading education

15+ years experience

800+ pages of preparation material

500+ GAMSAT Questions- with worked answers!

Access FULL content on ANY device in 2 minutes


Complete package ONLY $149

Why MediRed?

Everything YOU need to succeed in the GAMSAT!

Dreaming of being a doctor? Want to get into medicine? Worried about getting through the GAMSAT?

Juggling life whilst trying to study?

We get it! You don't need a GAMSAT Textbook. You need a better way, a smarter way! Learn core concepts, how to problem solve and develop strategies that you will take with you into medicine.


The Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test (GAMSAT) is the entry exam used by Australian and UK universities as part of admission to medical and dental programs. The GAMSAT has 3 parts which you can learn more about here. The GAMSAT is held every year in March and September at multiple sites around the country. There's no doubt, it is a competitive exam. People study hard for the GAMSAT and many will spend THOUSANDS of dollars on preparation materials. We believe that getting into medicine shouldn't depend on your financial status or how many weekend courses you attend.


MediRed offers a low cost, flexible preparation resource for everyone. Does that mean low quality? Certainly not! We have been operating for over 15 years and have helped thousands of students strive for their dream. We simply think there is a smarter way. The GAMSAT is not like university exams. The concepts examined are finite and often repeated. Don't waste time wading through textbooks cover to cover. Target your study to the commonly examined topics and concepts! There is a GAMSAT way of thinking....and we can teach you! We pride ourselves on our renowned teaching strategies including our PASS model, hitch-hiking to generate thoughtful essays and multiple choice technique.

Don't need the whole package? Customise your study

140+ Section I practice questions with full worked answers

Easy-to-use method for approaching any comprehension question

Proven essay model-write excellent essays consistently


220+ GAMSAT practice questions with full worked answers

Targets science topics that occur repeatedly in the GAMSAT

Simple ways to think about difficult concepts- A MediRed Strategic Advantage


Full GAMSAT Practice exam

Complete answers with clear explanations

In-depth self-assessment essay marking guide

Challenging questions- just like the GAMSAT


Section I & II Study Manual
Section III Study Manual
Practice Exam
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Purpose built - Versatile - Strategic


Smarter design, smarter investment. MediRed isn't just another run-of-the-mill textbook. We focus on core concepts and strategies that have been tried and tested.

Written by practising medical practitioners and renowned researchers who have been where you are right now and aced the GAMSAT.

Develop strategies that are specific for the GAMSAT and achieving success.

Comprehensive coverage of all three sections of the exam without the complexity.  An MCQ strategy that will boost your GAMSAT mark!

Innovative and fluid, we bring you new and exciting ways to test and hone your skills and knowledge wherever you are.

Young Doctor

"MediRed provide a clear and logical approach to  to essay writing which dramatically improved both my confidence and my performance"- Tharup K

"MediRed really helped me narrow down which chemistry topics to focus on when I was overwhelmed. They taught me the GAMSAT way!"- Lucy T

"The strategy, content and foresight I got from MediRed helped me to be as prepared as I could be. Thankyyou!"- Stephanie (UQ Medical Student, successful on first GAMSAT attempt)

"The MediRed exams were difficult- much harder than many of the other preparation courses but just like the GAMSAT. The worked answers were clear and easy to follow- MediRed I couldn't have done it without you!"- Liyang Q

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